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Building great culture is complex and time consuming. Start using a process that’s modern, simple, and effective.

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What is culture?

Culture is an intricate team quality that includes social norms, operating principles, standards of behavior, values, and even unspoken, silent team patterns.

Culture is shaped gradually and steadily in each and every interaction and decision within a group, and is proven to have dramatic effects on team performance.

Why should your teams measure their culture?

Culture alignment has been shown to account for up to 47% of team and organizational performance.

Innerlogic has captured the essence of great team culture in a quick, ongoing process so your teams can better diagnose, monitor, and correct course in the face of dynamic cultural challenge.

How much detail do the team dashboards present to team members and leaders?

To ensure teams fully understand the scores and trends associated with each check-in, there are dashboards devoted to each culture area tracked within innerlogic. On these dashboards, teams can view the current responses in each area, as well as comments and long-term trends within their team.

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How does the culture check-in process work?

We’ve devoted a lot of thought and research into our check-in surveys because we know how precious time is and how difficult it is to capture someone’s full attention.

As a result, our check-in surveys are designed to be efficient, smart, and engaging. They take less than 5 minutes and are driven by AI to ensure we are collecting the best information possible. Although your organization has full autonomy over how frequent the check-ins are, our customer research suggests that weekly is the ideal frequency.

What type of information is available to HR and other senior leadership positions?

For these roles we’ve built an admin dashboard, which is where you can track all the cultural activity and trends across an entire organization. Here you can view culture metrics over time spliced by any factor or demographic, helping you better understand trends and changes in real-time. You can also splice culture analytics by team or department.

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