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Michael Bawol, M.Sc.
Co-Founder & President

Prior to co-founding innerlogic, Mike worked as a data analyst for the Canadian Olympic Team for over a decade. Throughout his time in this role, he attended two Olympic Games where he worked with coaches and athletes on the field of play, helping them understand performance conditions and make quick decisions using real-time data analysis. Mike also helped several National Sport Organizations build performance criteria and make critical team decisions using data he collected and visualized during training and competitions. Mike is a world-class professional when it comes to creating influence and leading change using data.

Bryce Tully, M.Sc.
Co-Founder & CEO

Prior to co-founding innerlogic, Bryce worked as a mental performance and culture consultant for the Canadian Olympic Team. As a member of the COC’s mental health task force, culture task force, and gold medal profiling task force, Bryce has extensive experience helping high-performance groups enhance their results using social-emotional strategies. In the most recent Olympic quadrennial, Bryce was hired by our women’s basketball team to help shift and grow their culture in service of a historic first podium result. During this four-year period, the team achieved its highest world ranking in history (4th), and went undefeated in its most difficult Olympic qualifying tournament to date. The 2021 Olympics however, will be the true stress test of their culture.

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