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Take better care of your people and teams

Innerlogic helps organizations prioritize emotional and team health through people focused culture analytics

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76% of people believe companies should be doing more to support the emotional and social health of their workforce

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Track emotional & team health in your workforce

How many times have you seen unmanaged emotions and dynamics lead to burn out and resentment? Start using a platform that simplifies the tracking and management of these inevitable work challenges.

Turn powerful data into growth & connection

Data is only as useful as the context it’s captured in. Most culture-related data in todays workforce is infrequent and disparate. Get access to real-time data and analytics on the human sides of work.

See how focusing on emotional health will drive performance in your company

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Why our people analytics are for you

We track emotional health like never before

Get critical ongoing insights on the emotional health of your people while increasing the EQ of your workforce along the way.

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We get to the heart challenges in real-time

Keep pace with the ever-changing emotions and mood shifts of your people with real-time, leading indicators of emotional health.

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We measure how well teams are working together

Understand the strengths and gaps in your teams as they work through important projects and difficult changes.

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How can your team work better together?

Every team, whether they work remotely or in an office, wants to work together as best they can. See how the Reach Alliance uses innerlogic to do just that, by creating a healthy, high-performance culture within their teams.

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Why forward thinking workplaces use innerlogic

Great results rely on a resilient & connected workforce. Now more than ever companies need to invest in reliable measures on the human side of work. Here’s why.

Create conneciton in any environment (remote or face to face)

Put people and their emotional wellness first

Support team health for organizational success

Stay on course with frequent small adjustments

Prioritize emotional health with innerlogic.

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