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Team Intelligence
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Intelligence for teamwork

Built by Olympic sport scientists, innerlogic measures human dynamics and emotions like never before to help teams thrive.

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Why innerlogic?

Backed by years of experience working with the best teams in the world, innerlogic helps teams in both sport and business measure the factors that drive great teamwork.

Reliable metrics

Our evidence-based smart pulses ask the right questions at the right time, drawing from years of experience and research.

Intuitive dashboards

As data experts, we’ve simplified how your team data is reported and displayed so you get a deep understanding in the simplest way.

Deeper connections

Uncover critical misalignments with those you work with to boost compassion, connection, and collaboration within your team.

Our teamwork tools

Our tools are designed to help people better understand the complex human aspects of teamwork. By collecting great information in a modern way, we equip teams with ongoing insights about dynamics, emotions, and relationships.

Manage your team better with
Track and analyze the team dynamics and emotions that inevitably arise through difficult projects, timelines, and goals.
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understand your team better with
Use the most reliable personality science available to quantify the dynamics and compatibility of your team’s makeup.
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Understand your organization better with
Get a reliable and comprehensive analysis of your organizations culture so you can target key strategies for growth and change.
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How can your team work better together?

Every team, whether they work remotely or in an office, wants to work together as best they can. See how the Reach Alliance uses innerlogic to do just that, by creating a healthy, high-performance culture within their teams.

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See how focusing on emotional health will drive performance in your team

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World class team intelligence helps your teams work better together.

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